Patient Testimonial

Lon Henke

“Our nightmare began in March of 2008 when Lon had a stroke,” said Sherry. “But our nightmare became more manageable once Lon arrived at Van Matre. Van Matre is where we feel at home.  Lon arrived in a wheel chair and was walking when he left.”
Fifty-nine year old Lon Henke suffered a stroke in March on 2008 while vacationing with his wife Sherry in the Florida Keys. Lon was airlifted to Miami and then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Illinois. 

“After 24 days, the other rehab hospital was ready to discharge Lon, most likely to a nursing home,” Sherry recalls. Lon had suffered medical complications and could not walk, talk, or focus on a conversation.  He also had aphasia. “It was at this point our friends kept telling us to take Lon to Van Matre.”

Fortunately for Lon and Sherry, Lon’s insurance approved the transfer and Lon was able to stay at Van Matre for 32 days where he received intense physical, occupational, and speech therapy. For Sherry and Lon, it was important for Lon to be in a rehab hospital closer to home where family could come to visit.  Lon’s care was lead by Dr. Scott Craig, Van Matre’s Medical Director.   

“I love Dr. Craig,” said Sherry. “He has patience and he is down-to-earth. He was willing to listen to me.” 

Sherry also appreciated the calming environment of the hospital and the campus. Today, Lon is living at home with Sherry and they are both active members of the stroke support group. 

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